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World Class Gravel Cycling

Two week adventure that brings you to every corner of the country. Combine cycling with visiting of the most famous national parks of Rwanda.

From EUR 2500

*All our trips are bespoke and tailor made, price is only indicative.

Type: Gravel cycling

Days : 14

Total distance: 688km (30% gravel)

Intensity : Medium high

Total elevation : 10.000m

Suited for : The well trained cyclist who is not afraid of spending up to 4 to 5 hours on the bike a day in remote landscapes. We advise participants to train and prepare the trip in advance. 

Not recommended for : Beginners who don’t like leaving the tarmac road for Rwanda’s twisty dirt roads. Someone with no training and no fitness. 

Suggested equipment : Gravel bike, cyclo-cross or mountain bike (with suited tire profile).

14 days of amazement


Day 1 - Welcome to Kigali

Distance: 0km ~ Accommodation: Kigali hotel

General introduction to the country, the guides, the itinerary. Testing the bikes, good dinner, and to bed early for the first day of riding tomorrow!
Kigali city is most probably the cleanest capital city in all of Africa!

Day 2 - Ride to Muhazi

Distance: 65km (50% gravel)~ Accommodation: Realm Beach

We head east, towards the beautiful Lake Muhazi, not a long day and not too hilly. Fresh fish from the lake for dinner.
The lake is 60km long, yet just a few 100 meters wide!

Day 3 - Ride to the Park

Distance: 82km (0% gravel)~ Accommodation: Rhino Lodge

We make it just to the entry of the Akagera national park, and sleep in the Rhino Lodge which has the most amazing view over the whole of the park.
With the reintroduction of black rhinos and lions, the national park is now home to all of Africa's "big five"

Day 4 - Akagera Safari

Distance: 0km ~ Accommodation: Northeren CampSite

No riding today, we change to motorized transport and discover the amazing Akagera National Park. We end the day with a bonfire under the stars and sleep in the fenced campsite in the North of the park.
Akagera National Park is central Africa's largest protected wetland and the last remaining refuge for savannah-adapted species in Rwanda

Day 5 - Morning safari and back on the bike

Distance: 42km ~Destination: Nyagatare

We wake up with the animals, to get the best shots of the Giraffes, Lions and Elephants in the north of the park. Later we find our bikes again, and have a short ride north.
Nyagatare district and the city of the same name are known as the cattle and milk center of Rwanda

Day 6 - To Byumba

Distance: 75km (70% gravel) - Destination: Byumba

We now really enter the rural Rwanda and discover why exactly this is called the "Land of a thousand hills". We hope you like riding uphill!
Challenge: try to count the number of hills you ride during these two weeks.

Day 7 - Up to Musanze

Distance: 90km - Destination: Musanze

We continue with the hills, but today fully on perfect tarmac roads. Musanze is famous to be the home of the Mounain Gorilla - optional Gorilla trekking can be arranged.
The volcanoes national park is best known for the endangered gorillas, but you can also spot Golden Monkeys, Duikers and BushBucks in the forest!

Day 8 - Volcanoes and lakes

Distance: 80km (20% gravel)

Good news: today is mainly downhill! Although we start the day with a beautiful gravel climb towards the impressive volcanoes that form the Virunga Mountains
Mount Karisimbi is the highest mountain of Rwanda, with a summit at 4507m

Day 9 - Lake Kivu

Distance: 0km ~ Accommodation: Gisenyi

Let's rest our legs on the beaches of Lake Kivu. Boat rides, kayaking and other leisure activities are possible.
Lake Kivu is the 9th deepest lake in the world, with a mean dept of 220m

Day 10 - Congo Nile Trail

Distance 100km

The Congo Nile Trail, along the shore of Lake Kivu, is one of the best bikepacking trails in the world. We have adopted it slightly to be the ideal gravel ride.
The Congo Nile Trail can be taken by bicycle or by foot, amazing views are guaranteed.

Day 11 - Congo Nile Two

Distance: 75km (40% gravel)

We continue on the this trail, and are even brave enough to hit some single track.
The Congo Nile Trail is named after the Congo-Nile Divide, that separates the drainage basins of the Nile and Congo rivers.

Day 12 - Nyungwe Rain Forest

Distance: 0km

Possible activities: Chimp trekking, Rainforest Hike, Tea Factory visit, relaxing.
Nyungwe is believed to be one of Africa's oldest forests, it definitely is one of the best preserved!

Day 13 - Crossing the Forest

Distance: 75km - Accommodation: Nyungwe Nziza

We cross this majestic forest mainly over tarmac roads, with some gravel detours. This is the final day of cycling, but also one of the most spectacular ones!
One out of four primate species of Africa can be found in Nyungwe! How many can you spot?

Day 14 - Tea and Transport

Distance: 0km ~ Accommodation: Kigali

We enjoy a nice breakfast in the middle of the tea plantations, before boarding the car back to Kigali, where we finish this amazing experience with a final feast
The kingdom of Rwanda dates back to the 15th century. We pass by the old royal palace on the way back.

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